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Virginia mist granite is a kind very famous black granite original from Virginia State(VA) USA, it enjoy the exclusive characters that black based color with dim vein on surface.
Because of the location of Virginia Mist granite quarry and high labor cost and other extra cost for this material make the cost for Virginia mist granite very expensive and hard for customer to afford. Nowadays everyone searching for the similar granite with black and white from China to be another good alternative. And indeed, the Virginia Mist granite from China domestic have better looking and characterizes for the construction. 

China Virginia Mist Granite also called Jet Mist granite, the surface of this material is dark grey to black color with random white cloud vein combined with its characters.Our Virginia Black Mist each blocks have its different color and vein combination, that it is more natural and random surface design like Marble, that is make our Virginia mist granite have fantastic looking and unique color design. 
Our exclusive Virginia Mist Granite can be cut in two different direction, it can be vein cut and cross cut according to customers' preference. The Vein cut like black cloudy on the sky, or someone said it is like a black galaxy with white river. And the cross with very busy cloudy looking that meet other special taste. Because of the granite based characteristic, it is more durable and stain resistant than marble, and it is more easy to maintain and clear for exterior or interior decoration. 
China Virginia Mist Granite can be done with all finished , it is can be honed,polished, sandblasted, flamed or brushed, and we also accept special customer request. We have almost 100,00m3 of blocks in stock in our quarry, and we can accept all regular order from customers, even the samples order.
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Virginia mist granite is a low variation durable granite , it is basis on black color with white veining,  and available in varies of finish to allow for creative projects, sandblast, waterjet, narural split creates a different style .This granite is suitable for both interior and exterior projects and recommended for countertops, floors, walls cladding,  and others.
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Virginia mist granite slab has a very consistent color and texture, which makes wall and floor elegant, unique and magnificence. There are different finished for Virginia mist granite slabs, such as flamed, polished, honed, sandblasted, Leathered. so you have a lot of choices.
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Virginia mist granite is a black granite base with white veins.Virginia granite is available in both slabs and tiles to allow for creative and coordinated installations. This durable granite is suitable for both interior and exterior projects and recommended for countertops, accent walls, backsplashes, cladding, floors, and other features.
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Virginia black Granite have regular size could be Length 1000~1800xWidth 500~600MM,they often are making for countertops, wall panels, window sill, exterior and interior floor paver, thickness would be 20~30MM,it is depending actual projects request. The kitchen countertops normally the customer prefer polished, it is quite easy to make clean job, also it need to be sealer,
For interior floor pavers, they love Honed with sealer finish, because they do not like too shinny degree, especially for Australia market, the designer would reminder us always this point.
This is the very dense and highest quality granite, all the slab must be calibrated before top or bottom to be the second production, regular thickness tolerance would be minus 1MM,that would be very easy and convenient for the clients to make installation, particularly in the interior decoration.
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This beautiful Virginia Mist Granite is a solid deep black granite with white good veins, low variation durable granite, available in big slabs, mosaics, prefabricated countertops, vanity tops and a wide selection of cut to size tiles, 30x30cm, 30x60cm, 45x45cm, 60x60cm, 45x60cm etc…Shop our Virginia Mist Granite floor tiles for your kitchen, bathroom and other flooring applications since it is perfect for both interior and exterior usage and offer the ultimate in flexibility for coordination. Let us help with you for your home and commercial projects with our exclusive Virginia Mist Granite.
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Virginia Mist Granite mixed size tile just likes a updated and unique Rubik’s Cube or simplified Tetris with different colors and various size however its color layouts are not irregular to make stone more distinct. Virginia mist granite is easy to be processed in polished, flamed, honed, sandblasted etc for different style decorative including paving. Wall stone. Garden patio, driveway etc due to its good hardness quality, luxury veins, variation colors and easy-installation.
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Searching for a distinctive black granite for your job? Look no further! Virginia Mist, a marble looking granite with soft texture similar as soapstone is getting more and more popular in commercial and residential projects. Virginia Mist Granite is ideal for countertop, vanity top, flooring tile, wall cladding and it's available in a wide range of finishes like polished, honed, sandblasted, leathered, etc..We've done lots of cut to size projects in Virginia mist granite which are turned out to be great successes. As quarry owner and direct manufacturer, Eastwood Stone is capable of offering consistent supply for Virginia mist granite with best quality and reasonable price. 
Our Virginia Mist Black body with random white cloudy vein. Those two classic colors together contribute to universal application in both interior and exterior decoration, favored by designers. More different beauty patterns will achieve in different combination, more pleasant surprises from using fantastic China Jet mist granite. No one can refuse to fall in love with it.
With hard density and outstanding flexibility, Our Virginia Mist Granite finish treatment can be honed,polished,flamed,sandblasted,Leathered,bush-hammer,brushed..etc.It also can be cut into slab,tile,paver,countertop,vanity,and cut to customized sizes.
Stable output, abundant stock can satisfy all big engineering and house decorating projects demand.
Above all, our in time production & delivery and attractive price must worthy for a inquiry from you to know more. Best service will be provided.
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 China Virginia Mist Granite can meet your desired of having an elegant and mystery floor for your home. However, you can achieve it in a very favor cost comparing to American Virginia Mist Granite. Because it is a soothing grey durable stone, it is very suitable for interior flooring tiles. You can have many very flexible choices as you like for its variability. You can do vein cut, cross cut, movable veins or more clear surface with less veins.. Meanwhile, you can order different surfaces for lobby, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Like polished, honed, leather, sandblasted, and sandblasted and water jet. 
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Eastwood Stone doesn't only own the quarry of Virginia Mist granite, but also manufacture various products by it. Our factory have more than twenty sets of auto-polishing machines for proceeding, and guarantee a big daily yield, to meet the needs of our customers. Our Virginia Mist granite has outstanding and intriguing texture, like scurrying white horses, like scenery clouds, like running water under the Sun; what's more, its classic black background color provides a dramatic backdrop forming a fascinating scenery.
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Virginia Mist Granite have its surface of fine touch when sandblasted and leathered finished whatever it rainy day or wet, also its Hardness, Low water Absorption Rate, Stain Resistance keep it long life after construction. Black as tune, especially it looks more darker after waterjet (different water pressure ranges from 500kgs to 3000kgs), and white fantasy veins as unique patterns, it's a good alternative for terrace or balcony, house yard, pool areas decorations.
Except the China Virginia mist granite, we also explore and invest another quarry "cosmic black granite" that have dark black based color with white vein on surface. The cosmic black granite much more darker than our Virginia mist granite, it is  also very popular for it is exclusive cloudy vein with elegances looking. It is suitable for the indoor paver and step, also kitchen and vanity top. 
Black and white, both colors are very classical. Our cosmic black granite combines basic black tone with bold white veins on surface in perfect way. Every piece of this stone is completely unique because of different and natural random veins. Because of this, you can see the variation when our products layout together. Some pieces look like white clouds from the sky, some similar to peaceful rivers in the mountain, which can bring you distinctive feelings and abundant imagination and create a beautiful modern environment when matched with lighter and clean lines. As such, cosmic black granite is becoming an increasingly popular choice, you deserve to have.If you want more details about our exclusive cosmic black granite, please hesitate to contact with us for more information. 
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Cosmic Black Granite Veneer
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