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Cosmic Black Granite Veneer

Except the China Virginia mist granite, we also explore and invest another quarry "cosmic black granite" that have dark black based color with white vein on surface. The cosmic black granite much more darker than our Virginia mist granite, it is  also very popular for it is exclusive cloudy vein with elegances looking. It is suitable for the indoor paver and step, also kitchen and vanity top. 
Black and white, both colors are very classical. Our cosmic black granite combines basic black tone with bold white veins on surface in perfect way. Every piece of this stone is completely unique because of different and natural random veins. Because of this, you can see the variation when our products layout together. Some pieces look like white clouds from the sky, some similar to peaceful rivers in the mountain, which can bring you distinctive feelings and abundant imagination and create a beautiful modern environment when matched with lighter and clean lines. As such, cosmic black granite is becoming an increasingly popular choice, you deserve to have.If you want more details about our exclusive cosmic black granite, please hesitate to contact with us for more information. 

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